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Personal Loan

Dream constitutes ideal life.  Different needs arise at different life stages. OCBC Bank supports you to realize your dream continuously, and takes care of what you need anytime. We are also a witness of your every important moment! Our dedicated relationship officers will follow-up your personal loan application.


Loan Feature

New Customer who successfully applied and drawdown the loan via Online to enjoy up to HK$11,000  rewards



APR 2.16%_ricacorp_30042024

APR as low as 2.16%


  Loan Feature

Maximum loan amount can be as high as HK$2,000,000 or 20 times of monthly salary (whichever is lower)


Loan Feature

Long repayment tenor as long as 60 months


Required Documents for Loan Application

  • Personal Identification Document: HKID card or passport
  • Income Proof: Recent pay slip, your bank statement or bank book (with your name and account number) showing your recent income, your recent income tax bill, proof of your last MPF contribution, employment letter or contract, etc.
  • Address Proof: Recent bank statement, credit card statement, water bill, telephone bill etc. If your address is shown on your income proof, you will be exempted from submitting the address proof.
  • Other documents (if necessary)
  • For more details, please click here



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Hong Kong

Central: (+852) 2201 7800

North Point: (+852) 2201 7822

Wanchai: (+852) 2201 7799



Tsim Sha Tsui: (+852) 2201 7900

Kwun Tong: (+852) 2201 7878 

Prince Edward: (+852) 2201 7866


New Territories

Tsuen Wan: (+852) 2201 7988

Kwai Fong: (+852) 2201 7933


Other Special Personal Loan to meet your different needs

"60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday" Personal Loan


"60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday" Personal Loan gives you $0 interest for first 60 days and within the Interest-free Payment Holiday, no penalty will be charged for full loan repayment.

Notes regarding the Personal Loan:

1. Annualized percentage rate("APR") is a reference rate which includes the basic interest rates and other fees and charges of a product expressed as an annualized rate. The APR ranged from 3.30% to 36% generally and the minimum repayment period and maximum repayment period is of 6 months to 60 months. APR is calculated according to the method set out in the relevant guidelines under the Code of Banking Practice issued by the Hong Kong Association of Banks as the basis. The APR has been corrected to 2 decimal places. If the loan amount is $1,500,000, the monthly flat rate for 12 months is 0.063%, if the loan is approved finally by the Bank, the APR for 12 months is 3.30%, with a handling fee of 1% per annum included, the total loan repayment amount is HK$1,500,000. The loan handling fee is to be paid in full upon loan drawdown. The interest rate is calculated based on 365 days per year. Example is for reference only. The APR may differ with different loan amounts and tenors. For details, please contact our staff.


2. "60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday" Personal Loan

During the period between the date of drawdown of the Loan and one calendar month before the First Repayment Date (“60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday”), the Customer can repay the Bank the full amount of Loan in one lump sum at any time, together with the relevant handling fee. Interest for a period of up to 60-Day and early repayment penalty or fees (except the handling fee) shall be waived. Partial prepayment of the Loan is not permissible. E.g. If Customer draws the loan on 5 July 2021, Customer can enjoy the 60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday in the period from 5 July 2021 to 5 September 2021. The first repayment date will be 5 October 2021. If Customer makes full early settlement within the period from 5 July 2021 to 5 September 2021, not only the privilege of Interest-free Payment Holiday can be enjoyed but also the early settlement penalty can be waived. In case of any early repayment after the 60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday, interest, early repayment penalty and other fees will be charged and calculated as specified in the Promissory Note and the Loan Terms and Conditions. If full early repayment is not made during the 60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday, interest will be charged and calculated from one calendar month before the First Repayment Date. For loan tenor 12 months or below, the handling fee is 1.5% per annum. For loan tenor above 12 months, the handling fee is 1% per annum. The handling fee for the entire loan tenor is payable upon loan confirmation.


"60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday" Personal Loan - Key Facts Statement 


3. The promotion period of the "Up to HKD10,500 Cash Rebate promotion" and “Apple Store Gift Card Offer” (“Promotion”) is from 1 July 2024 to 30 September 2024, both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period”).


4. It comprises the total sum of up to HK$6,500 Cash Rebate and $500 Apple Store Gift Card under the Promotion.


The above loan product and offer are bound by the applicable terms and conditions.  Please contact the staff of the Bank for details. 


Customer can submit application through the loan centres and branches of OCBC Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“the Bank”). To enquire the relevant terms and conditions, please contact the staff of the Bank.


Before you make request for early repayment for Instalment loan, please refer to "FAQ" of this website.


For details or enquiries about the related terms and conditions, please contact us.


To borrow or not to borrow? Borrow only if you can repay!