"60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday"

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60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday - to enjoy your life more!

"60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday" gives you 0 interest for first 60 days and within the Interest-free Payment Holiday, no penalty will be charged for full loan repayment1! To let you enjoy your life more!

● Smart Tip - Key Facts Statement

Preferential interest rate

Monthly Flat Rate (APR)2 as low as 0.08% (3.55%)3.

High loan amount

Loan amount can be as high as HK$1,200,000.

Long repayment tenor

Repayment tenor can be as long as 60 months.

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1. During the period between the date of drawdown of the Loan and one calendar month before the First Repayment Date (“60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday”), the Borrower can repay the Company the full amount of Loan in one lump sum at any time, together with the relevant handling fee. Interest for a period of up to 60-Day and early repayment penalty or fees (except the handling fee) shall be waived. Partial prepayment of the Loan is not permissible. E.g. If Borrower draws the loan on 3 July 2017, Borrower can enjoy the 60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday in the period from 3 July 2017 to 3 September 2017. The first repayment date will be 3 October 2017. If Borrower makes full early settlement within the period from 3 July 2017 to 3 September 2017, not only the privilege of Interest-free Payment Holiday can be enjoyed but also the early settlement penalty can be waived. In case of any early repayment after the 60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday, interest, early repayment penalty and other fees will be charged and calculated as specified in the Promissory Note and the Loan Terms and Conditions. If full early repayment is not made during the 60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday, interest will be charged and calculated from one calendar month before the First Repayment Date. For loan tenor 12 months or below, the handling fee is 1.5% per annum. For loan tenor above 12 months, the handling fee is 1% per annum. The handling fee for the entire loan tenor is payable upon loan confirmation.

2. Annualized Percentage Rate (“APR”) is calculated according to the method set out in the relevant guidelines under the Code of Banking Practice issued by the Hong Kong Association of Banks as the basis. The APR has been corrected to 2 decimal places.

3. Using a loan amount of HK$100,000 as an example, the monthly flat rates (APR) applicable to loan tenors of 12 months and 24 months are 0.08% (3.55%) and 0.15% (4.74%) with 1.5% and 1% p.a. handling fee and "60-day Interest-free Payment Holiday" privilege included respectively. The handling fee is payable upon loan confirmation. The interest is calculated based on 365 days per year. The example is for reference only. APR may differ due to different loan amount and tenor. For details, please contact the staff of the Company.

The privilege of the “60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday” (“the privilege”) are bound by the terms and conditions of the product, the related loan application form and loan documents. For the terms and conditions and charge, please contact the staff of the Company. Loan amount, interest rate, monthly repayment amount and repayment tenor applicable to the individual applicant may be different and is based on the final approval status of the Company, please contact the staff of the Company for details and enquiries. The Company reserves the absolute discretion right to reject the application from time to time without specifying any reasons. The Company may amend, terminate or cancel any of the above offers and the related terms and conditions without prior notice. The Company reserves all the final decision on deciding interest rates, amending the terms and conditions, approving loan application and any abovementioned offers. Reference will be made to the customer’s credit reports and the Company reserves the right to reject the application without specifying any reasons. Should any disputes arise, the interpretation and decision of the Company should be final.

Notes to consider whether to make early repayment, please refer to "FAQ" of this website.

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