"Black Seal" Exclusive Loan

Your insight and your capability is in direct proportion to your repayment ability

Premium and dedicated service

An experienced customer services officer or manager will be assigned to each BLACK SEAL Exclusive Instalment Loan customer and provide dedicated services and professional advice that you need to manage your loan account and loan application.


● Smart Tip - Key Facts Statement

Extraordinary high loan amount

Up to $2,000,000

Monthly Flat Rate (APR)1 as low as 0.04% (2.78%)2

Privileged gift

Up to $200 Sogo cash coupon will be offered to customers who successfully apply and draw the Black Seal Exclusive Loan.

"Black Seal" Hotline : 8100 6838

Hong Kong

Central: (+852) 2201 7800

North Point: (+852) 2201 7822

Wanchai: (+852) 2201 7799



Tsim Sha Tsui: (+852) 2201 7900

Kwun Tong: (+852) 2201 7878 

Prince Edward: (+852) 2201 7866


New Territories

Tsuen Wan: (+852) 2201 7988

Tai Po: (+852) 2201 7966

Kwai Fong: (+852) 2201 7933

For more details or enquiries, please visit our branches, or contact us.

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