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“Your Desired” Tax Loan

A tailored and customer centric tax loan scheme with your proposed loan tenor and handling fee.

"Your Desired Interest" Tax Loan

“Your Desired Interest” Tax Loan allows customers to propose their desired tax loan annualized percentage rate (“APR”) and to enjoy the 1-month “Interest-Free Skip-Payment" offer.

"Interest-Free" Tax loan

Apply for “Interest-free” Tax Loan now and no interest will be charged on the loan. Interest-free with loan tenor up to 24 months.

Associate Personal Loan Under Tax Loan Program

Personalized interest rate, enjoy extra high loan amount and Loan tenor as long as 60 months.

Revolving Tax Loan

Revolving Tax Loan help you pay your tax bill while giving you the most flexible cash. It’s your one-stop financial solution.

Instalment Loan

Tailor-made Instalment loan plan that suits your needs, with low interest rate and long repayment tenor, providing you financial flexibility.

Balance Transfer Program

Clear all your credit card debts with your determination! Balance Transfer Instalment Loan can let you consolidate your debts into one loan.

Revolving Instalment Loan

Revolving Instalment Loan enables you to be entitled to the right of redrawing the amount which is not more than the loan principal repaid.  You are not required to re-submit application documents.  The whole process is simple and quick, which give you cash instantly.

Revolving Credit

Unlimited number of cash advances,  Revolving Credit provides you with sufficient cash flow. Your credit limit will be restored automatically after each repayment, backing you up with ample money supply.

Mortgage Loan

A selection of mortgage loan options to give you holistic mortgage services.

HIBOR-linked Mortgage Plan

Follow closely market interest rate movement to save you more on interest expenses.

Education Loan

We absolutely support your determination to pursue further studies!

Decoration Loan

With sufficient extra cash to redesign, decorate and purchase new furniture and appliances, you can finally kick off the home makeover plan.

Businessman Loan

“Businessman Loan” is dedicated to small business owners and self-employed proprietors. No restrictions on the use of loans – you can use it for capital, expanding the operation. We free you up so you can do your business.

Professional Loan

“Professional Loan” is tailor-made for professional firms1, which aimed at managing working capital of the firm to meet business needs in any way.

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