Personal Loan

With a preferential low interest rate pre-emptively, which lets you be stress-free during tax loan season. 

"60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday" Personal Loan

60-Day Interest-free Payment Holiday - to enjoy your life more!

Balance Transfer Personal Loan

Clear all your credit card debts with your determination! Balance Transfer Instalment Loan can let you consolidate your debts into one loan.

Education Loan

We absolutely support your determination to pursue further studies!

Decoration Loan

With sufficient extra cash to redesign, decorate and purchase new furniture and appliances, you can finally kick off the home makeover plan.

Revolving Credit - Floating Rate

Unlimited number of cash advances,  Revolving Credit provides you with sufficient cash flow. Your credit limit will be restored automatically after each repayment, backing you up with ample money supply.

Revolving Credit - Fixed Rate

Revolving Credit provide you with cash flow flexibility and you'll enjoy more autonomy in managing your life.

Prime-linked Mortgage Loan

A selection of mortgage loan options to give you holistic mortgage services.

HIBOR-linked Mortgage Loan

Follow closely market interest rate movement to save you more on interest expenses.